MYBB are Tameside Youth Champions!

It was a late night for MYBB players on Whit Friday but there was a very nice surprise for them when they woke up on Saturday – they had become Tameside Youth Champions!

Maybe there were a few clues during the evening. The band’s first march, led by MYBB’s Drum Corps, took audiences (and parents!) by surprise and was received with lots of applause and even cheering! No-one had expected two speed marching, nor to hear Game of Thrones in the streets of Tameside.

The second march, William Rimmer’s Cross of Honour, which was played on the rostrum (or field, car park or whatever the venue offered) was equally well received with audiences being impressed by the band’s ability to perform an old favourite with youthful spirit and verve.

The adjudicators agreed, awarding 7 prizes for highest placed youth band, 1 for best junior cornet and 3 deportment prizes. These excellent results from the eight contests the band played added up to the best tally for a youth band, hence the title Tameside Youth Champions 2015, and an extra prize of £200!