Who Can Join Us?

We welcome all young people to come and join us. No experience is necessary, just a willingness to try your hardest, and regularly attend rehearsals and playing engagements.

We have a progressive system which allows players to join as absolute beginners from the age of 7 upwards and advance through our Training, Junior and Youth bands up to the age of 19 years.

We have a very good record of success in teaching players with special needs and have for some years run a scheme which provides extra musical support.

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Joining Macclesfield Youth Brass Band

If you already play a brass or percussion instrument and want to join a band please contact us and we will assign you to the right band depending on your experience and ability. However, you do not need to have played an instrument before to join, you don’t even need to have an instrument.

If you are a beginner you will be offered the choice of any of the brass band instruments, usually starting with cornet or tenor horn for younger players. We also offer the chance to start on trombone, using our miniature instruments which are designed for younger players. We even have a range of small and medium sized tubas suitable for smaller players. There are a limited number of places for percussion starters, within the Training Band and Drum Corps. Most of our Drum Corps members also play in one of our other bands, either as percussionists or brass players.

The loan of a beginner instrument is provided as part of the subscription, and the instrument is upgraded to match each player’s progress through our sections.

Once you join you will be surprised how quickly you make new friends as you work as a team to improve your playing and enjoy a wide range of music and activities. If you are interested, take the first step today and get in touch.

“Thank you SO much. My children are thoroughly enjoying being part of MYBB. It is doing them the world of good and bringing one of them out of their shell a little! Saturday was absolutely brilliant!”